GEAR Brisbane Prize

GEAR Brisbane's birthday party was last weekend.  It sure was a sweet event.  The alleycat was pretty brutal, having people jump numerous gutters and centre lane dividers (okay... it wasn't the events fault, it was our fault for wanting to go the quickest way!)

So its no wonder my bike started to feel a bit weird, particularly with the front brake.  Turns out my forks decided to get more of a rake.  So much so that the brake calipers were no longer touching their respective braking surface, but now just short of the spokes, and on the ever narrowing deep-v section.  This is my second pair of forks in two months!

Check it out (and it is a shit photo... sure is hard to photograph):

massively raked forks still attached to the wheel, with a side by side comparison with an old pair.

The winner of the event was Simon, a local courier who came in at something around 30 minutes... (myself, dare i say it at a slowwwww 1hr 30 mins).  That boy sure is fast!

This is what he won:

A custom embroidered DUB...
This is a once off bag, so if you see it on the street make sure you give Simon a high-five.  He certainly deserves both it and the bag!

BOcrew members Nate and Gypsy also chipped together to purchase Erik from GEAR his own custom DUB.  This one also features custom embroidery, although this time in colour!

Awesome event!  Well organised!  Cheers for a good time everyone.

I devoured those kebabs afterwards...

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