Top tube protector

Check out our latest product... a top tube protector.  This product was built for Sasha at Pony Bikes, and may become a regular addition to our line up.

The protector is constructed from 82% reclaimed material, mostly from our bag manufacturing offcuts.  Although we try to design our bags to be as economical as possible with regard to materials usage, occasionally there are scraps left over.  This is usually thrown into our "scrap" bin, which isn't really a bin, but rather a hoarding ground for a rainy day.  Our plan is to turn all of the material in this bin into new products, so that nothing is wasted to landfill.

So that "rainy day" has finally eventuated as we have been compiling and sewing these "scraps" into functional top tube protectors.  At the moment the design features rectangular scraps stitched into "brick" patterns.  

We currently have two available; one black, and the other a black/grey combo.  More will arrive shortly (and in different colours/patterns!) so stay tuned!

45cm long, sized to fit around most tubes, and priced at $35.  Custom sizing available!

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