A herd of Elephantitus's

When things are quiet on this blog, it is crazy intense in the studio... sorry for being quiet lately.

The latest to pop out of the studio:

An Elephantitus V2.  Massive, massive, massive.  No other way to describe this bag.  It has a base of 30cm x 42cm with a height of 42cm.  Putting that in perspective, it is 52.92L of volume, or 40 bottles of rum (not including a bottle in its own dedicated pocket on the outside).

This particular bag has had acute attention to detail.  The owner wanted detailed white stitching without being over the top.  Without going overboard, all the triple stitched seams are now detailed in white.  Check it out:

In addition to this we added some back padding, and ensured that all pads are removable for washing.  As with all our Elephantitus V2s, the shoulder straps are removable and can be set up for dual swing.  Given the large internal volume an X-strap (dual shoulder strap) is standard for extra carry-ability (see we are so excited about this bag we even make up our own vocabulary).

We lie... it wasn't just this Elephantitus that was born this week - this one just happened to be the prettiest!; We have a batch of 7 ready for sale.  Interested in a behemoth for yourself?  Contact us... We have a batch of grey and black outers, with miscellaneous liners.

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