29th & 30th May!

Big weekend coming up, especially if you live on the East Coast!  Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne are all having some neat little events.  Check them out:


Two full days of polo fun!
$15 entry.  9am registration Saturday.

Essentially continuous rounds of "throw up" or pick up matches.  Random draw of teams which change each time you play!  Points are awarded to each individual in a team when they win.  12 people with the most points at the end of the second day go through to the finals!

Prizes will be awarded, along side a big cash pool!


Sable & Argent bicycle swap meet!
Saturday 29th May.  12 - 6pm.

There will not only be stalls, but also DVD screenings, live music, food and drink!  Apparently even a few prizes will be handed out.  Sounds like something not to be missed!

Unfortunately we wont be there (our dedication is polo!) but you can check out some of our goods!  A wide range of our bags, straps, and accessories are currently in store at S&A!


Melbourne Roobaix
Sunday 30th May!

Nope, BOgear is not even remotely involved in this event, but it sounds like too much fun to pass up on. 

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