DUB compared to a Sindrome

This sneaky little bag has been hanging around the studio for a while now, so it is only time that I show you!  Unfortunately we haven't got GNC photography, our professional photographer in just yet, so we will have to make do with these images.

The DUB is shown in blue, while the Sindrome is shown in Black.

The Sindrome has a base measurement of 210mm x 420mm, with a height of 350mm.  The flap at the top (its widest width) has a dimension of 650mm.  It is shown above in black.

The DUB has a base measurement of 200mm x 380mm, with a height of 320mm.  The flap at the top (its widest width) has a dimension of 500mm.  It is shown above in blue.

The volume of the bags are very close, but the main difference between the two is in the construction.  The DUB has straps that attach to the side, while the Sindrome to the back.  The Sindrome allows for bag expansion without "rounding out the back".  The Sindrome also comes with removable shoulder padding.

As you can see, the DUB is almost a scaled up version of the Papermunky with all features being identical.

Even the front panel of the DUB is similar to the Papermunky.  Triple pen pocket, external pocket.  D-lock sleeve, a4 external pocket.  Dual internal pockets.

Interested in a DUB?  Customise your own here!

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