New Babycandy in stock

A bigger pile of Babycandy's... available now, and available here.

Check them out:

And my own personal pick of the bunch?  Check it out... 
Fluoro yellow speed stripes on a royal blue flap!
Got an idea for your own custom babycandy?  Let us know so we can build it for you!

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  1. hey dave
    When I type 'brisbane outdoor gear' into google your not on the first page of results.
    I don't even get your main site when I type in 'brisbaneoutdoorgear'.
    That just brings up your blog and I had to dig through there to find your home page.
    I'd do something about your results there man.
    People have been askin about your tool bags here in canada so it'd be good if your site was easy to find