B&N Classic

Do you live in Adelaide?  Know anyone who lives in Adelaide?  Trust me, you will be doing them a favour if you tell them to head on down to the B&N Classic.  Why?  Because the prize is absolutely amazing.

Sneak peek of the prize coming ultra-soon, but for the meantime believe me when I say it is the most amazing bag I have ever sewn.  Not because of my stitch-bitch skills, but rather because of the skills of this man (who also belongs to this group, so check out their blackbook).  It is the first time I have ever considered stealing something.  And I know it sounds weird saying that I want to steal something of my own, but trust me I seriously considered it.  Something along the lines of "gosh, the prize must have got lost in the mail... what a pity".

Seriously amazing prize!  Intrigued?  Hang-tight, pictures are coming... I promise!

(EDIT: Prize pics are up!!)

Anyway, so what exactly is the B&N Classic?

Check out all the details here.  Meet at 12 noon, 25th July 2010.  Corner of East & South Tce.

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