As you may or may not have been aware, we here at BOgear are currently looking after a Guide Dog Puppy by the name of Helen.  We strongly believe in giving back to the community that supports us, which is why we have taken on this volunteer role.  Don't get me wrong, this is no longer a hard role by any means... she is insanely cute after all!  It was a tad difficult earlier on while toilet training her, especially in our small studio, but now it is practically a breeze!

She is almost 13 months old and about to be returned to Guide Dogs Queensland for 8 months of intensive training before being handed on to a client.  This might not be the end of her at BO-HQ however, as she has been earmarked for the Breeding program.  Turns out that being incredibly cheeky (and unbelievably smart) is a good trait to have!  If she is chosen for breeding then we have offered to keep her on (which we are excited about)!

So what is the point of this post?  Well we have only spoke about Helen once before, and think it is time to recognise some of the characteristics/antics that she displays.

First of all, she is still cute!

11 Weeks old

13 Months old

She hates sleeping under bright lights and will do anything to get in a dark spot.  Including sticking her head under car seats...

or covering her eyes...

She has a penchant for jumping on peoples laps.  Although she knows she is not allowed to.

Given a chance she will lick you to death.

She always looks dopey after just waking up.

She loves stealing things, walking up to you casually, and waiting for you to see what she has before bolting.  Sticky tape is her favourite thing to steal lately...

She manages to curl herself up into the tiniest of shapes when sleeping.  Including in the foot well of a car.  Oh, and if your feet are conveniently near, then it becomes HER pillow...

But most importantly of all she is proud of wearing her coat.  Although she displays traits and cheeky characteristics in the studio/at home, once in her coat and in public she is the most well behaved dog.  She pushes boundaries, but knows when not to!

Thanks Helen for keeping us grinning over the year!


  1. I love this blog... Helen is beautiful!!! and so much like her mum... Helen is the daughter of my girl black lab Nancy, now a retired brood for Guide dogs Qld. well done on raising her, loving her and now I see Nancy's legacy continues with Helens first litter!

    Very proud mummy here... love and kisses

    Sonia and Nancy!

  2. Hi Sonia & Nancy!

    Thanks for the kind words! Helen is absolutely awesome! We love her to bits!

    It is fantastic to hear about her mother, and how similar they are. Enjoy playing with Nancy (they are "puppies" on the inside for ever after all!).

    Oh, and I cannot wait to upload more photos and comments on Helen's litters!


    Dave & Helen!