Look For The Hills

The Biking Brisbane exhibition is next Friday, the 22nd of October.  On display are a plethora of photographs as well as videos, stories and unique rides of the Brisbane biking community.  Gavin asked if we were interested in helping out; as always, yup, yup we were interested!  And so we have thrown in a lucky door prize.

I literally have just received it from Thomas Doyle who designed the artwork.  It is now on the cutting table and about to be built into a bag...

So what is "it".  Well, it is a limited edition Papermunky, featuring a topographical map of Brisbane superimposed with local post codes.  Look For The Hills!

This is a very limited edition piece.  Only 6 have been printed; 3 in green and 3 in red.  Interested in getting your mitts on one?  Make sure you come to the exhibition!  Details below!  See you there...

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