Helen Update

I know some of you might be sick of hearing about Helen, but she was a major part of our studio over the last year.  She kept us both sane and insane at the same time, happy and upbeat, and kept the morale high.  So as a valued member of the studio (albeit non-functional!) we thought we should let you know how she has been!

For those unaware, Helen has been earmarked as a breeder for Guide Dogs Queensland.  She came into heat and had to go back to GDQ early.  She has now come off heat and is "officially" in the GDQ training program!  Her trainer is Tracey, while she shares a kennel with Lucy and Olive.

Apparently she is super confident in this new environment, going so far as to let both Lucy and Olive know that the kennel was hers; she is the queen!  Tracey adores her, while the kennel staff are constantly raving over her behaviour and occasional cheekiness!

We promise to keep you up to date with her progress!  If she is accepted into the breeding program we here at BOgear will receive her back!  and then we will bombard you with even more photos!...

So for those interested in Helen's progress, stay tuned!

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