Seat tube bag

What happens when you ditch a backpack in the search of carrying less?  Where do your all important tools go?  I was recently approached by a MTB rider who had such a conundrum.  Sick of having saggy jersey pockets from the essentials, yet unable to fit all the stuff in a standard tool pouch he approached me for a custom design.  Something simple; essentially a modified rubber tool pouch but with the ability to adjust the volume according to load size (it had to fit 29er tubes), while also designed to be attached to a seat tube (no more saggy jersey).

The design is essentially the same length as our rubber tool pouch, only with side access.  The top is fold or roll down, and is held in place with two 20mm clips.  The roll top allows expansion of volume, while the clips compress the load, or allow you to clip it to your seat tube.

Roll/fold top opening

Massive mouth.  Throw your tools/busted tube in quickly and easily.  No more accidentally leaving tools and important gear behind on the trail.

Quickly and neatly attaches to your seat tube.  Or anywhere else on the bike that you would like to stash gear...

Despite having an expandable interior volume, it still does not get in the way with your pedal stroke.

And from the mouth of the new owner:
"An under seat bag wasn’t going to cut it with a 29er tube (can never get a used tube in after a trail side replacement).  Now all I have to carry in my jersey pocket is a phone.

I think it will suit those riders that do shorter (1.5 – 2 hour) rides regularly, the riders that don’t need/want to carry a camelback. Had a bunch of people ask about it so far."

So... what do you think?  Does it have merit to be part of the regular line up?


  1. its a great idea actually,so simple and yet it just works...add it

  2. Yes. Stock it! If not i've gotta make my own.

  3. Alexander, shoot us an email!

    Following a suggestion from a friend we have installed a velcro tab on the bottom. This will reduce sway. Now it can hang from the seat post while attaching to the seat rails, or hang from the top tube, seat tube or down tube. The possibilities are endless!

    It will be rolling into our regular lineup shortly...!