9 Fresh Babycandy's...

It has been a massive couple of weeks at BO-HQ!  As you know, BOgear will not be sewing over December/January, so we have been acting like a pile of chipmunks and hoarding away a stash of bags.  These are just popping up online, the latest of which include 9 fresh Babycandy's.

Interested in one?  Make sure you pick it up online here, or be prepared to wait until January 20th when BOgear begins stitching again!

Just to reiterate:
1.  BOgear will not be building any stock over December/January.
2.  You can still purchase something if it is pre-built and online!
3.  So if you desperately want a red bag, get in quick as we will not be building again until January 20th!

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