Frame Bag

This has been on the cutting table for a long, long time.  It is now finally finished!  A custom frame bag, sized specifically for a Salsa La Cruz.

Photographed on my own bike, so yes it doesn't fit properly...

Unlined ultra tough exterior.  No it is not waterproof (this would have added a lot of bulk), but it is still very weather resistant.

Dual compartments.  This allows more room for gear as otherwise all the gear would pile up and congregate at the bottom near your cranks.  Dual compartment also means there is a "shelf" separating the two compartments.  This helps a lot with bulging of the bag.  Without it, the bag could potentially fill like a balloon!

Two zipper pulls on both compartments.  This means you can open and access the contents forwards, middle, or at the back. 

The velcro is also slightly longer than necessary, which enables the bag to be pulled taught, and then cut down to size.  Placement of the velcro is almost overkill, but this ensures the bag doesn't sag!

Interested in your own custom gear?  Drop us a line and we will attack it when we re-open after 20th January 2011!

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