Update on the Seat Tube Bag

Following some positive feedback, we have modified and will shortly add the seat tube bag to our line up.

So what have we done since the previous version?  Not much really!  We simply added an extra tie-down point so the pouch now has three contact points and will not slide up or down a vertical tube.  We also have changed the materials, opting for a 500D Cordura outer, 20mm webbing and buckles...  All of which are reclaimed!  We are proud to state that this is getting very close to the most reclaimed product in our lineup!

Of course these updates required some testing, so last weekend we hit up our local trail to trial it out.  Those in Brisbane at the moment can attest that we have been having a very wet summer.  We didn't let this perturb us, and spent a few solid hours smashing the trails and coating ourselves in mud... testing the pouch.

One interesting thing we noted was the pouch acted like a rear fender when hung from the seat tube...

But we still got covered in crap (particularly in the arse area) so it wasn't a really good fender!

and some generous dirtified shots...

yup, the pouch loves the mud!

So please welcome our newest addition!  An adjustable pouch designed to be stashed, or attached (almost) anywhere on your bike.  Consider it a low tech version of a saddle bag, or if you prefer positive thoughts, consider it a "more adaptable anti-saddle bag".

Oh, and for the MTBers out there, try our Strap Ons in the mud.  They wont clog up like cleats, and give a consistently good hold/traction!

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