Helen is coming back!

Yes, that is right, Helen is coming back to BOgear!  For those of you who don't know what we are talking about (and how could you not, seeing as almost every fifth post is about the crazy critter!) we here at BOgear have been raising a Guide Dog puppy for the last year, which forms part of our strong aim to support the community.

Helen is a black Labrador and has been faithfully following us around the studio for the past year.  Our role was to integrate her into society, by introducing her to lots of different people and experiences.  Recently we had to return her to Guide Dog Queensland to undergo her formal training.  Interestingly enough, Guide Dogs Queensland were so happy with her progress and temperament (she can be very cheeky at times!) that they kept a good eye on her to see if she was suitable for breeding purposes.  A dog containing all her characteristics is a good dog to have apparently, so they like to carry on these traits in future litters.

And now for the good news... GDQ have decided that they do indeed want to keep Helen as a Breeder!  What this means is Helen is now coming back to BOgear for the next 7 years (sounds like she is being incarcerated!).  And boy could we not be happier!  We will now have a dedicated shop dog!

Helen will be with us for a minimum of 7 years, during which time she will have between 4 - 5 litters.  Of course one of our first questions was... can we meet her pups?!  Heck yes we can!  So be prepared for even more photos people!  Helen is here to stay!

Also, if you can afford to, make sure you visit the Guide Dogs Queensland website to donate to a good cause.  Raising a pup costs GDQ $30,000 (yes, thirty THOUSAND!) none of which comes in the form of Government subsidies.  All their dog revenue needs to come from donations... so lets help them out!

Talk about fantastic news before we close for the year!  Excitement levels are definitely running high!



  1. We get her back on the day we re-open! 20th January 2011! Perfect opening present...