Cute Pouch

Okay... first off, I hate the description "cute" when applied to BOgear kit.  BOgear is supposed to be tough and long lasting with a heavy splash of environmental focus mixed in.  It is not supposed to be cute.

But sometimes a product idea comes along, which could be described as cute.  And in this instance, I think I am prepared to agree... it is cute!

Isn't it cute?  Aww... *insert gushy "isn't that cute" noises here*  A small (miniature really!) hip pouch.  It will carry wallet, keys and your phone.  Not much else.  It measures 50mm deep x 120mm wide x 90mm tall.  It is crafted from a single layer of 1000D nylon scrap and can be run as a hip belt, or as a simple shoulder sling.

These particular pouches are headed to our good friends at FixieGC.  Interested in one of your own?  I might be convinced to make some more... so drop us an email!

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