New Studio (again!)

We have just moved into a new studio!  Yes, another new studio!  This time it is much bigger, more organised (well, not yet but it will be!) and most importantly dry!

Here is a sneak peek at it (blurry, underexposed and cluttered!  Genuine sneak shot); we will be doing a write up about it in the near future once everything is organised!

Why did we move?
Firstly, we had outgrown the last studio.  We simply were running out of room.  But most importantly, it flooded during the monsoonal rains QLD has been experiencing lately.  It wasn't much at all (compared to what the rest of QLD has been experiencing!), but combined with the studio being closed for six weeks resulted in mould.  Mould was growing on our cutting table, our machines and our seats; not exactly the most inspiring work environment!  Thankfully no product was damaged however!

Anyway, the move is over and we are back on board at 100 and 10 percent! (yes, that joke was for you Rooty!)

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