Latest Batches!

We'll we've been busy lately due to a steady demand (thanks guys!) for our bags.  And given we are still sorting out our new studio, we don't have a dedicated photo booth area.  So although we have been busy, there are no photos of our bags online; just a description of the outer and the liner.  The photos will be coming, but you can still order the bags if you wish!

Check out the new stockpile we have now!

In the new stockpile there are 12 Lovehandles, 8 Babycandys, 5 Papermunkys, 2 DUBS, 1 Sindrome & 1 Elephantitus.  By all calculations, a lot of bags!

Want one?  You can find the above products here:
Lovehandle Hip Pouch
Babycandy Messenger bag
Papermunky Messenger bag
DUB Messenger bag
Sindrome Messenger bag
Elephantitus Messenger bag

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