Flappers... Reflective flappers that is!

I almost forgot to mention... but the bright Papermunkies we talked about last week were a little brighter than I first stated.

How could that even be possible?

Well, they had flappers.  Reflective flappers.  Big LONG reflective flappers!

"What is a flapper," I hear you ask.  Well a flapper is a strip of double sided reflective tape which is designed to flap around in the wind and draw attention to a rider.  Its constant movement and big surface area is designed to catch a stray light and reflect it back at the light source.

Check it out:

They are remarkably simple, and attach via a loop of Velcro.  Because of this they can be repositioned easily!  They can be positioned on a bag, on a person, or even on the bike itself.  This particular set of flappers feature long enough velcro to fit around a seat tube on a bike!

Placed on the base of a bag...

On the front flap of a bag... also known as the "Blinky Light" strip 

On the end of the adjustable strap.

Or on the main shoulder strap.

The possibilities are simply endless...

Want one?  Drop us an email!  We would be happy to whip them up to order!  They are a cheap item for peace of mind!


  1. How much do they cost? This would make a good gift for friends (as well as to use myself)

  2. Hi Jonah,
    We've had a lot of interest in these, so they are about to go live on our website! The flappers are $5 each, with flat rate $5 postage Australia wide.