"Rootbeer Approved" Competition

Our good friends from FixieGC are running a competition.  And to win it, all you have to do is have a little fun.  Want to know more?  Check it out:

FIXIEGC: A few days ago I took a photo of a fresh batch of stickers with a picture of a dude and the slogan “Rootbeer approved”.

Well you might be asking yourself who the f**k is Rootbeer?

Rootbeer is that guy yelling obscenities on the polo court, he is that guy who is often seen riding around the Brisbane CBD with a large package in his backpack trying to make a deadline… oh, and yes he ain’t from around here. Rootbeer has been living in the country for the past few months and has made a rad impression on us all.

So you might be wondering what is the deal? Why did you get a sticker made? Boredom?… Yes, a few days after the Summer of Fixty-9 I found a picture (thanks to Renee’s photography work) of Rootbeer hanging out post-race and since I have nothing better to do than draw lines for a living I got drawing. The “Rootbeer Stamp of Approval” was born.

Now this is where you guys get involved.  I have a whole bunch of these stickers ready to be bombed or placed where ever your creative little minds can put them.

Why should I, I hear you ask?  Well, along with the total fun of Rootbeer approving something we have a punch of cool prizes from BO gear and our own prize department that you can win for the funniest/most creative/best “Rootbeer Approved” sticker placement.

So if you know Rootbeer, like Rootbeer, or simply want to be approved by Rootbeer, send your details to fixiegc@gmail.com and we will send out a bunch of Rootbeer Approved stickers ready to be stickered and documented.  We know there are a lot of Roobeer fans out there, so even if you are interstate or overseas, drop us a line!

The competition will run for a few weeks to give everyone a chance to get hold of the stickers and “Rootbeer Approve” something. The top 10 entires will be chosen by myself and Dave from BO GEAR and then a public vote (via interweb) well be held to decide the winners.

Contact us now to get a hold of some stickers! The competition is open to everyone!  Local, regional and global entrants all welcome!

This competition is approved by ROOTBEER!

A little tongue in cheek, perhaps a little bit stupid, but to me this competition screams a whole lot of fun.  So send Bennett from FixieGC an email and line yourself up for some "Rootbeer Approved" stickers.

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