Patchwork Bags!

Two unbelievable bags walked out of the studio this week!  Both were "patchworked" from scrap material, and as such had a reclaimed content of 75-78% !!  Each firmly embodies what BOgear stands for and what we are trying to achieve!

They both were custom bags with an emphasis on functionality and usability, while also containing a very high reclaimed material content.

The first was a custom Sindrome, converted to use as a Babybag.  It featured a triple liner (1000D patchwork reclaimed nylon outer, reclaimed billboard middle, and virgin 420D Nylon liner), a removable interior partition (to keep clean nappies separate from dirty ones), a removable baby change-pad, and reversible straps.  The patchwork colour is about as far as you can get from a typical "frilly" and feminine babybag!

The second patchwork bag to leave the studio was a custom Elephantitus.  This particular bag is headed to Portland Oregon, and also has a heavy emphasis on functionality!  Along with all the standard features, it has a removable "briefcase" style handle, and a plethora of PALS compatible clipping webbing.  Check it out below, the black and grey looks a treat!

The PALS webbing can be seen below.  It allows any PALS compatible military pouch to be attached to the bag.  It also means you can string large parcels to the pack, or anything that your mind can think of.  This particular bag is going to be used as a grocery shopping hauler, so the extra pouches on the side will definitely come in hand!

Interested in a custom or patchworked bag?  Send your requests and let us work some magic!  You will be guaranteed to have a one-off and unique bag.  But be warned, patchwork bags take slightly longer to craft due to their high labour content!

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  1. I can't wait to get my grubby hands on MY PALS bag. Awesome work!