Customer Photos

We have been meaning to do a "customer photos" section on our blog, yet have pushed it to the side for a long time.  Given the interest and comments regarding our Big Backpack, and thanks to the push from Nate (Big Backpack Abuser Team), we have decided to finally pull our finger out and show you some of the pictures customers have sent us recently.

Firstly, and to answer some of the comments on the previous Big Backpack post, here is a photo of the bags hauling two archive boxes:

Nate hauling two full archive boxes

Rootbeer hauling two full archive boxes (in the pre-pro version)

An Elephantitus hauling Vespa parts.  Thanks to Jeremy for the photo!

And Nate's FRS Strap Ons.
Over six months of full time courier work, and a couple of runs through the chainring.  Still going strong!

We are always looking for photographs of lovingly Dirtified bags, so if you have a photo of your BOgear bag hauling kit, or another BOgear product living large, make sure you send it our way!  We will make sure to post it up!

The BOgear Kitchen before Adelaide Polo Nationals.
There is a DUB, a Chunky Toad, a proto-bike bag, and a BIG backpack... BOgear overload!

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