Hip Stabiliser: Potential Issue

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We guarantee our gear is good.  We've used it, abused it, and dirtified it way before we even offered it to you guys.  And it didn't fall apart on us.  But sometimes mistakes happen; just ask my mate whose beer goggles made him think an electric fence was a good urinal.  So if our bags do fall apart on you within twelve months of purchase, we'll repair or replace it.

This is one of those "beer goggle" moments...  
It has just come to our attention that there is a potential issue with our hip stabiliser.  This currently affects some of our Sindromes, and can potentially also be found on our Elephantitus's.  If you own either of these bags please check your hip stabiliser for the below issue.  If you do find it faulty please contact us asap so we can get your bag up and running and on the road again.

What the heck?

We have just had it reported to us that a couple of our Sindromes have had the hip stabiliser webbing pull out from the seam.  This is the piece of webbing that has a buckle attached to it, which connects to the main strap at hip level (long winded description, but if it doesn't make sense check out the video below).

This is occurring due to a couple of reasons, and after some analysis and discussion we have the following solutions.

1.  We are going to increase the seam allowance in the Sindrome and the Elephantitus.  This will mean it is much more unlikely for the seam or the webbing to blow out.  (note: the seam has been fine, it is the webbing which pulls out.  However we plan to be proactive to ensure there is no future damage to the seams, and so are adjusting the seam allowance.)

2.  We are going to put the hip stabiliser buckle in its own bartacked pocket.  This traps the buckle in its own pocket which can safely carry a LOT of weight (we have to weight test it, but know it holds well over 100+kg)  Currently the buckle is trapped between the seam and a bartack, which puts the seam under a lot of pressure... which is potentially why the webbing blows out.

3.  We will be reducing the force on the buckle/webbing combo by inserting a d-ring into the system. This d-ring ensures the webbing can flow through the buckle easier, meaning less force is put on the stitching or seam.

All of the above solutions have become effective immediately.  
All Sindromes and Elephantitus's in stock have been fixed, so hopefully we will not see this issue again.

We urge you to check your Sindrome or Elephantitus for this issue.  If you have a friend who owns one of these bags, please get them to check this post, as our message may not have reached them.

Honestly, we are incredibly devastated about this issue and do not want it to reflect badly on BOgear bags.  This is why if your bag has this problem we urge you to contact us immediately so we can remedy the situation.  We can either fix the bag for you, or send you instructions on how to get it fixed locally.

We thank you for your continued support, and if you have this issue, hope to get your bag up and running asap. 

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