Reflective DUB

Remember this bag?

A super bright, custom Papermunky.

Well it now has a bigger brother.  Check it out:

Similar but different: Custom DUB

"I'd like to order another custom hi-viz bag.  My wife is using the Papermunky and loving it."

Yup, sometimes when bags get stolen it is for a good reason.  Heck, if my wife stole my bright bag, I wouldn't mind.  It would be keeping her safe.  And this exactly the same mindset this customer had!

So he chose a new DUB (to complete his range of BOgear bags!) and wanted it inverse colours to the original Papermunky.  Enter this super bright beast.  Double reflective tape on the flap, removable reflective flappers, the list goes on.  This bag is also super tough, featuring a white truck tarp liner.  It is built to both last and be seen!

Want a custom bag?  Make sure to contact us!

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