Review: One Bottle

I've talked about One Bottle before, but I figured I better put my money where my mouth is, and actually get one for myself.  And so I placed an order under the guise of a gift for the wife.

Here is the review:

Placing an order with these guys is easy.  The shopping cart system they use is intuitive to use, and ultra-quick to get through.  Nothing bothers me more than millions of pages to fill out, and so One Bottle has ticked the box with this one.  Unfortunately though it was hard to pick which bottle to grab - every single one is simply too nice!  After much deliberation I decided upon an ultra cute (there is that 'cute' word again... on the BOgear blog? WTF?! Times are changing!) blue complete with a hot air balloon design.

Order placed, I knew I would be waiting a few days for the package to arrive.  Nope.  Not in this case!  It arrived the next day.

The packaging was simple (little to throw in the bin!  Big thumbs up for this.), yet did the job.  The bottle was in perfect condition.

Packaging was a simple cardboard box, and plastic wrapping.

The bottle, complete with the beautifully simple design.

I should also note that in my previous blog post about One Bottle (find it here) I said the bottles were made from Aluminium... oops.  They actually are made from Stainless Steel.  It sounds like a heavy material, yet this bottle is not.  It is surprisingly light weight!

Branding is simple, yet follows in the footsteps of the bottle artwork; it is (dare I say this) beautiful in it's simplicity and design.  These guys really have thought out their branding message!

Oh, and One Bottle is a fellow member of 1% For The Planet as well, so their environmental look and branding ties in well with their ethos.

Included in my package was an upgraded pop-top style lid.  Neat! 

And so enough of my wanky description... how did it go down as a gift?


The wife loves it, and is always using it.  She has never owned a metal bottle before, and so loves the bottle's lip/mouthfeel of using it.  Mouthfeel?? Well who has been wine tasting too much?  Oh, and she tells me a lot of people have commented on it, which is a bonus for her ego (don't think I was supposed to say that).

Point of the story?  Love it... but more importantly the wife loves it.  Big browny points in my book, so thank you One Bottle!

So go on, check out One Bottle here.  I highly recommend them!

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