Chunky Toad: Customer Review!

Just received another glowing customer review of the Chunky Toad!

The love is simply flowing in!

"I love the shit out of this bag. It's exactly the right size for carrying everything you could ever want to carry on a bike. I've loaded it full of 20kg of veges, hauled 18 1L Fowlers Vacola Jars in it, carried bike frames around, taken it on countless weekend-away-type adventures, and even blew a tube once when I managed to fit a full slab of Cooper's Pale in it (bag was totally fine and quite comfortable, tubes were weak). Love the ability to load it full of gear and then easily slide a laptop or books in as an afterthought. I very rarely leave the house without it as I inevitably end up having to drag something cumbersome around with me on the bike. I am continually annoying the shit out of everyone by telling them how awesome it is. So yeah. Love it.

Cheers, R. "

Thanks for the positive feedback R!  

Stoked that you guys are loving our gear!  Feel like sharing the love?  Send us photos and text... we love to share!

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