Custom Chunky Toad!

I briefly mentioned last week that we had a pile of custom Chunky Toads leaving the studio... This is one of them.

Ultra customised!  So much work has gone into this bag, but lets start with the obvious things.  Firstly, the exterior is the same Orange X-pac material as used in the TIGER!  (It's officially waterproof!) But, take a peek at the inside...


Bright enough for you?  Eyeballs recovered yet?  Photos really don't do it justice, but this pink is practically luminescent... it sears your eyes!

Peeking a little closer at the pink liner, you will notice a pocket inside the flap lid.  Neat!

Taking a look at the outside again, and you instantly notice that the flap is shorter than usual.  You also quickly notice two drink bottle pockets on either side of the pack

The drink bottle pockets are a nice little addition, particularly as this bag is going to be used as a climbing and scrambling pack.  Definitely need water on those trips!

While observing the drink bottle pocket, you may even notice the D-lock pocket is slightly different.  Why?  Well you don't need a D-lock when climbing!  So, it has been removed and replaced with a dual side access pocket.  Perfect for your "oh-shit" kit (aka. your first aid kit!).

Enjoy it Feeney!

Chunky Toad.  Yup, we can do 'em custom!  

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