The Tiger has left the building...
or something like that

The TIGER.  A custom Chunky Toad.

What is so special about this pack?  Well, just about everything is custom...

First thing you will notice is the stand out orange colour.  

Different colours in our Chunky Toad other than black are only built on a "to order" basis.  This orange fabric is actually X-pac, which we wrote about a while ago.  It is an incredibly tough sandwich-construction material.  On the outside is 1000D Cordura, with a 70D nylon lining.  Sandwiched between these two fabrics is an X-weave designed to give the fabric tear and stretch resistance.  Because of this, the material is not only highly abrasion resistant, tear and stretch resistant, but also waterproof to 200psi!

What this means is the TIGER is officially waterproof!

Flipping around to the back of the pack you will notice that the orange is offset by the black straps, and backpad.  These too are constructed from X-pac material.

You will also notice a series of clipping webbing on the side of the pack...

The customer usually hauls/clips a lot of stuff to his packs and so was looking to extend our clipping webbing to all over the pack!  The bottom two are regular clipping webbing, while the top is compression webbing.  The middle 38mm wide webbing is separable, meaning it can be used to rig pouches or d-locks.

A quick example of the middle webbing being used to hold a Lovehandle hip pouch.

Underneath the pack you will find even more webbing. This is actually base compression straps, to help make a large load just that little bit more manageable!

With all the black webbing, coupled with the bright orange exterior it is easy to see how it got it's TIGER name!

Taking a peek inside the pack, you will quickly notice two additional features...

Two hangers...

First off are two "hangers" on the back panel.  These are used to suspend a camera case inside the bag, making it less likely to be damaged!

Front organisation panel.

And looking at the front panel of the bag you will quickly see a series of extra pockets.  The customer of this bag is "an organisational freak" (his words) and so wanted extra pockets for his bits and pieces.  This includes a 15" laptop, cords, keys, and what not.  It all fits there, plus more!

So, that is the TIGER!... We've got another two custom Chunky Toads leaving the studio shortly, so stay tuned!


  1. Is it true that you are thinking of making a girl's backpack? I'd be interested to see what features it would have....

  2. Not 100% true, but also not far from the truth! We are working on a small backpack, and will be contacting our female Abuser Team shortly to do the testing.

    It wont be design explicitly for ladies, but will have a strong female influence!