Is this opening the flood gates?

Okay... seriously, is this the opening of the flood gates?  One design and the potential for more.  Should we add this to our lineup?  What are your thoughts.

WTF are talking about??

A BOgear laptop sleeve:

A simple flap style pouch design.

Pleated pocket on the outside.  Pen pocket and card pocket on top of this.

Lined with 420D nylon, outer 1000D nylon.
5mm 45kg Density EVA foam (sounds complex but it isn't, its the same foam used in our Beernutts).

Use the pleated pocket for peripherals (that's code for cords...)

So, what do you think?  Should it become a permanent addition to our expanding lineup? This was built specifically for Felisa our hard working and amazing machinist.  She has just left for a 6 week holiday, and wanted to take the laptop with her.  Have fun Felisa!

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