Just a regular DUB?

Is this just a regular DUB?


It looks plain from the outside, but a deeper look shows a bag with a lot of customisations.  Check it out:

Starting from the outside we can instantly see something different with the straps... That's right, reversible and removable.  Why?  So you can run the bag over either shoulder.  Prefer it over the right shoulder?  Swap and change.  Simple!

A quick glance under the flap and you will notice that the D-lock sleeve is missing.  Instead we have a side-access pocket.  Perfect for wallet/keys and any of those "quick grab" items.  You know, those items that you always need quickly, yet cannot seem to find in the black-hole of your bag...

Tucked away, and barely visible is something unique... Can you see it?

Not so obvious when tucked away, but pull it out and you have a dedicated pleated pocket to hold a tie.  Some have to wear ties to work (not us thank goodness!), so this is a neat little addition!

And probably my favourite customisation of this bag happens to be the waterbottle holder.  Yup, a dedicated waterbottle holder!  Consider it a customised Beernutt, built to insulate and wrap around your drink bottle.  

This little sucker is removable, washable, and can be velcroed to either side of the bag... NEAT!

And now for the regular stuff... Want one?  Order your own customised DUB here!

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