DUB Feedback!

I love receiving mail about bags that are out and about being used and abused.  This recently dropped into my inbox!

"Hey BOcrew,

I've been meaning to getting around to sending you some feedback on the custom DUB you created for me earlier this year. 

It's been going a treat and doing everything that I've needed and more. When I was looking at which bag would work for me, I was trying to sort out just how big I needed it to be for work and gym stuff so that I could get myself down to a single bag instead of multiple bags. Well the DUB is fantastic. I can get all my work stuff as well as gym gear in there and when I'm working weekends, I can fit a whole bunch of shower gear as well as food and clothes to get me through the whole time. I've attached a photo (which I apologise is a little blurry!) of what I manage to cram in on the weekends. 

The tie pouch [an add on!] is also working superbly to keep my ties neat and tidy and the hidden pouch [an add on!] that I'm using for my wallet is great so that I can get to my money without having to get all the way in to the interior of the bag. 

The bag is fantastic and is doing everything I need and more. 



Thanks Paul!  It is kind words like yours that keep us going through the cold winter months (okay, its not cold in winter in BNE, but this is just an expression...!)  So, hows your bag going?  Have you fully dirtified it yet?  Drop us an email and let us know!

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