Chunky Toad: Abuser Team Feedback

Another kind feedback email popped into my mailbox recently... this time from an Abuser Team member who helped work on the Chunky Toad design.  The original design didn't have much clipping webbing on it (unlike the current model), but despite this Andy managed to carry a set of wheels.  Check it out below

"Just thought I'd send you a photo I took of my Abuser Team Chunky Toad decked out with a spare wheelset I needed to take to work.

I thought it would prove to be a bit difficult considering there were no straps like on the finished model but I ended up just anchoring some occy straps to the handle on the top, and then across and through the wheels, and then anchored again on the hip belt.

It worked surprisingly well as I transported them a total of about 20kms without any major issues or discomfort.

Just thought you'd like to see your bags being well loved and utelised so that I didn't have to ditch the bike for that trip like I thought I was going to. :]

Take care!


Point of the story?  Get creative with your rigging!  You will be surprised just how much you can rig to your pack with a little bit of thought!

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  1. Wheels are always a challenge.
    Recently i arranged to borrow a motorcycle so went to pick it up on the pushy. Carried full face helmet, full size race boots, and gloves in the bag and armoured leather jacket strapped to the outside.
    Point of the story? I was desrcibed as "the guy with the unreasonably large backpack" and I wanted to put that phase in writing!