Thank you for helping us!

A big Thank You to all of you; Fans, Friends, Customers and Abusers!


Because you are what makes us.  What I mean by this is we wouldn't have got to where we are today if it weren't for you.  Our products wouldn't have been abused, purchased, and no feedback would have been given.  We wouldn't have grown, and would have ceased to exist.

aww... warm fuzzy times!

Thank You!

As part of our way of giving back, we donate to an environmental cause, as well as a community cause.
  And no, the "community cause" is not a drinking session for the local Brisbane riders (although we do donate to local events!)

As you are probably aware we do this by donating through One Percent For The Planet, as well as to Guide Dogs Queensland.

As the end of Financial Year has just rolled around (okay it happened a while ago... we are just slow!) we have done our bit through One Percent For The Planet.  We chose to donate a minimum of One Percent of our turn over to the Australian Conservation Foundation.

And to segue back to the thank you... because of your support, we were able to donate!  So again,

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