Custom Bag Modifications

Just because you purchase a messenger bag or backpack from someone else, doesn't mean we will hate you. We know there are some fantastic bag alternatives out there, however sometimes they might not be entirely what you want. Which is where we come in...

Why not get us to modify your bag?

Take for example this Crumpler Karachi Outpost.

Its a great bag if you carry around laptops, cameras and associated peripherals. It is padded, re-configurable, and has access only via the backpad - which means pickpockets and thieves have a hard time pinching your hard earned kit.

But it doesn't have a good pocketing system. The pockets on the side while they do expand out, have a limiting "mouth" opening, making it hard to access stuff. If you want to take small items, or something other than a laptop/camera/peripherals, you essentially need another backpack. So what if you only want to use this backpack for everything.

Solution? Come to us and we will modify it to your needs, wants and desires!

In this particular instance, the customer wanted to have removable pouches that he could add/subtract and upgrade at will. So to begin with we added our pseudo-PALS clipping webbing to both sides of the backpack.
This clipping webbing allows you to take a MOLLE or PALs compatible pouch, or one of our CellBlock M's (shown above, and available oh so shortly!) and rig it onto the outside of the bag

And because of the big surface area of clipping webbing, you can shift the pouches forward and backward giving the ability to adjust the load "carry-ability". You could also rig up a second pouch on each side if you so wished giving even more volume to the backpack!

If you've got eagle eyes, you might also notice that we have run D-rings on the ends of the clipping webbing.  This allows you to rig up paracord or bungee cord to tie extra things down. Can you say extra-rigging-ability? You could also technically use our extension straps to hold down boxes and the like.

You might also notice that the original bag logo has now been covered by velcro. And no, this was not our decision to do so!  This was requested by the customer so he can run patches and embroidered logos on the bag, customising it to his mood at will.  Neat!

Now, our customisation of volume-ability (yes, I just made that word up!) doesn't just stop on the outside.  We also came up with a neat little pouch, custom shaped and sized to fit exactly in the dead-space inside the bag.

Lets take a look:

The area taken up by our fluoro-yellow custom pouch is normally "dead space" for this particular customer.  This is because he doesn't carry millions of camera lenses and accessories, but rather a compact camera and one or two lenses.  This leaves half of the bag empty. Now technically you could chuck random things into this area, but given it isn't sealed off, it can rattle around working its way into other areas of your bag.  Not so with this pouch!

The pouch is completely sealed and can be accessed via zipper. This means little things will no longer rattle their way down the inside of the backpack potentially scratching your valuable camera kit.  You may also notice that the zip doesn't run all the way to the bottom of the pouch. This gives a little lip so things won't necessarily spill out every time you open it.

And now for the little "attention to detail" kind of things.  You can see the pouch is fully bound internally. This not only double stitches seams, but also adds strength and ensures longevity of seams so they don't fray.
And finally you can see that we have placed velcro patches over the pouch keeping it secure inside your backpack!

So now the bag is fully customisable to the end users needs, can have its volume upgraded at will, can easily lash things to the outside, and has interior pocketing keeping small things safe. Pretty neat upgrades we think!

Point of the essay? Yes we do standard bags. And yes, we can do custom bags ensuring your BOgear backpack or messenger bag is exactly what you are looking for.  Or, we can also modify your existing bag (other bag brands!) making it truly dream worthy. Interested, then make sure you contact us here to talk shop!

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