Messenger Bag Compression and How To Use It

So along with building a new website, we have also spent a heap of time working on new videos for each and every product.  Check out our YouTube channel to see 'em all, or click on the "video" tab under each product.

This is the video tab we are talking about

So, along with a tonne of video explanations behind our products, we have also been building a library of explanations behind our designs, case studies, and a plethora (love that word!) of How To videos.  

First video edited and now live on our site explains how to use hip and shoulder compression to make your messenger bag more comfortable.

Click on through to watch the video and learn how to make your bag more comfortable just by using hip and shoulder compression correctly. Watch the video here!

Got any burning questions that you would like answered?  Make sure to ask us here so we can share it with everyone else!

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