Liner Wear

As you are well aware, our bags use a combination of reclaimed PVC billboards and truck tarps.  Although technically "old" or "scrap" these are still usable and have been repurposed into the liners.  They are incredibly tough, waterproof, tear and moderately abrasion resistant!

Over extended periods of time however, you may find that the print on your bag will begin to wear off.  Interestingly enough, this wear is strictly the print, and not the material itself.  The wear occurs mainly in concentrated sections such as the crease/fold at the base of the flap/bag junction.

I am in constant contact with a leading billboard printing company, who have educated me on how they print their billboards/truck liners.  They use a solvent based printing process which physically "etches" into the PVC.  Because of this the print is ultra tough and long lasting as a billboard.  However, when used as a bag liner, the constant folding causes the print to shake loose no matter how well "etched" onto the PVC.

I should note that this loss of print takes a very long time of very accentuated wear!  In addition, I have found that heavier weight "truck tarp" actually loses its print quicker than lighter weight billboard PVC.

Below is an example of a truck tarp liner from a Sindrome as used by a courier here in Brisbane 5+ days a week, 7+ hours a day, rain, hail or shine for just shy of a year.  It has seen probably the equivalent of 3-5 years of "normal" use...

This is the side that is visible and has the print on it. This print was originally black with a white line running through the bottom left corner.  It is now mostly grey!

It does look as though the bag is well worn, and is about to fall apart.  Yet the inside tells a different story...

It was a little bit hard to photograph, but this is the backside of the previous image.  The material is still pristine with no signs of wear or damage.  It still has a solid life left!

So although after a serious amount of wear and use it may look like your bag is on its last legs, fear not!  Your bag probably has a long lifetime left!  If you are seriously worried about your bag, do not hesitate to contact us so we can help!  Alternatively, get us to line your bag with a lightweight nylon.  It will mean you wont see a beautiful print, nor watch it age and develop a patina, but it will mean you wont have to worry about the print loss!

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