Helen Update

It has been a while since we last talked about Helen; so long in fact I am sure most of you have forgotten about her.

Ultra quick refresher:
We here at BOgear wanted to give back to the community, however being a small company didn't have any spare cash lying around.  Decision?  Give back with our time.  Solution?  Raise a Guide Dog pup.  Enter stage left, Helen a beautiful black labrador.  For a year we raised Helen as a Guide Dog pup, before returning her to Guide Dogs Queensland for her formal training.  It didn't take long before GDQ realised that she was awesome (we already knew that!) and decided to put her on the breeding program.  Which was when we got a call asking if we would like to keep looking after Helen.  Obvious answer?  YES!

So for the past year we have been looking after Helen!  And gosh she is cute.  Only now, there is something more cute than Helen...

Yup, thats right... Helen has had her first litter!

Seven of the most beautiful and cute puppies!  Six boys, and one girl.  Needless to say, I will be bombarding you with ultra-cute photos and videos of Helen and her litter over the coming months!

Big thank you to Guide Dogs Queensland for both their amazing care of Helen during this time and their constant contact with us here at BOgear (silly us needlessly freaking out!).  This cannot be done without generous donations from the public; so go on...  
Let them know you are part of the BOgear Community!

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